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49 days last episode

49 days last episode

So In-jung goes to his mother, and asks for the file that he entrusted to her.
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Introducing, and then completely resolving, the mystery of Yi-kyungs birth in the finale feels like cheating, frankly.Truthfully, until the end of Episode 19, I wasnt expecting Ji-hyun to die.They laugh and smile together, and then she gets a sharp pain in her stomach, and doubles over, falling to the ground.Because of your 49 days, Im living my life as if its 49 days.She looks up at him and asks if hes been waiting all this time.I was so engaged with how Kang would bring her memory back that it hit me like a ton of bricks when her death watch was reset.Ji-hyun got to live the happy, secure existence that Yi-kyung so cruelly had stripped from her; and then it gets returned to her, in Ji-hyuns death.I can pretty much take anyone else turning into a wreck, but Kang-ah?Han Kang goes to Han Kang (the river) and says his final goodbye to Ji-hyun: Kang: Ji-hyun-ah, now I understand why you wanted to leave without a word.Outside the hospital, In-jung says to Ji-hyun that she wishes she could turn back the clock, to when they would just look at each other and laugh.That stops her in her tracks, not only because they were her words, but because its true of her, right now.The thing I hoped for the most was for Ji-hyun to live.Back to Ji-hyun pre-elevator-ride, the Scheduler tells her that her final tear was from In-jung.It also fits the parallel life / afterlife mirroring better.I need a tissue break.She tells him that shes never once been on a picnic with a boyfriend, and asks to borrow his car, his mp3 player, and he asks what else she wants to borrow.

She instantly recognizes the star Ji-min drew on it, and then takes out the shoe.Kang looks at the picture of Ji-min and immediately recognizes the little girls shoes (not just randomly, but because Moms story included the bit about the girls wanting the same shoes).The even cuter part is that every time he makes a new deposit, he adds a line in the description, and over time the whole thing reads like a letter, or rather more like song lyrics, line by line, with each deposit.In the coming days, Yi-kyung begins to finally live her life, eating rice instead of ramen, and looking for a new job.This is a twist he was not expecting.Is this drama trying to kill ME on its way out?) to when the girls were in high school.Be happy somewhere, Ji-hyun-ah.A lady had kidnapped her, and called to ask for ransom twice, but each time they went, no one was there.
He adds,"ng 49-days-Ji-hyun, that hiding your feelings is a lot harder than not knowing (as in, the person sparing the others pain has the harder time of it).