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7 secrets of boxing footwork pdf

7 secrets of boxing footwork pdf

And just as it did for me, I hope that this opens the door to ruthless balance and power for all of you.
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Box Jumps 2 (tall as possible 4 sets of 6 reps; Rest: 60 seconds *Add height to the box every week.Depending on your conditioning levels, do these sprint workouts 1-3x a week as a part of the plyometrics and footspeed drills (below).4 hours of instructional video and a 24-page workbook to improve your footwork skills.For now, Ill focus on some of the more critical ones that can leave you the most vulnerable.You would think everyone would know how to bounce-step just from watching Muhammad Ali, but things dont work that way.The legendary Ali bounced, shuffled, jumped, dashed, slid, pivoted, cut, and ran his way into the boxing hall-of-fame with his graceful footwork.Chad created his company to help men become their own hero.Drop Jump ; 4 sets of 6 reps; Rest: 60 seconds Note: Stretching is very important with training.Study the same powerful uppercut thrown by Mike Tyson not Ryu from Street Fighter.Move with catlike agility and razor-sharp quickness.But very seldom do we ever talk about joints.The real boxers bounce-step is relaxed, subtle, grounded, and slick!

The jab can punch, push, distract, create openings, or even defend against your opponents deadliest punches!This guide will help beginning boxers who cant seem to get a left hook that feels right or even experts just looking to add power and form to their existing left hook.Learn how great boxers win fights with fewer punches and less energy.Refine every punch in your arsenal from jabs to crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and over 40 different variations of them!Is it hard for you to throw punches when moving?It took me at least half a dozen variations by different coaches before I refined my uppercut technique to what it is today.In case youve always wondered, here are the best and most common mittwork drills used in boxing gyms today.Next time well get in the gym for some bag work and weight training.How to Train Like a Fighter: Cardio, Plyometrics, and Agility Training.And set up angles to land deadly counters!Learn how to fix these mistakes (in yourself) or take advantage of them (in others) : Click to read more, the uppercut is probably the most improperly thrown punch in boxing.
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