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The DI is generally conducted at the end of the flying day and includes inspection of oil levels for the engine and MGB. .
3 intermediate case on all installed MGBs. .
3 engine sight glass would appear to be slightly less than actual. .
3 intermediate transmission case (part of the.3 intermediate case for oil leaks and/or cracks (1.18.2).1.3 The OEM issued shot-peening repair instruction ERI-EA6322R554 in March 2010 to improve the fatigue resistance of in-service intermediate cases (2.7.3).Although the oil pooling was highly unusual, the FE did not declare the aircraft unserviceable. .3.1.9 The aircraft was flown back to the MOB, even though the source of the oil leak was not conclusively identified.Sample mototrbo connect plus vs capacity plus sections from the vicinity of the cracks in each of the intermediate cases were mounted and polished for hardness testing. .Analysis of the CH149910 intermediate case determined that the crack was 340 mm (13.5 inches) in length. .Repair work to the.qete analysis of the fatigue striations found at the bottom of the intermediate case on CH149910 indicates a very rapid rate of crack growth. .After discussion between the crew and maintenance personnel, the affected area was cleaned, the engine was replenished with oil, and a ground run was conducted. . Subsequent fractographic analysis of the opened crack found that this region was also the location of the fatigue crack initiation.1.6.5 The MGB is mounted to the aircraft structure via four struts and four connecting links that attach at the MGB top case and sump case respectively. .Additionally, while troubleshooting the oil leak, excess oil was cleaned and the area visually inspected both before the one hour return flight home and also during the engine change at the main operating base (MOB). .The OEM investigation into the occurrences on CH149901 determined that all three MGB cracks were due to fatigue and had initiated at areas of geometrical stress raisers (i.e.
No assembly or dimensional anomaly was discovered during teardown that was considered to be relevant to the failure.

Additionally, the.1.18.3 An Airworthiness Risk Alert was raised on 29 Jul 09 with a risk index of low. .The program includes several templates, with which we can make the best calendars and more fun, since each template will give you a different month touch and, then, our photo, will it make a big difference.Additionally, the sample sections were examined in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to determine the composition of the microstructural elements using energy dispersive X-ray analysis.3 intermediate casing in the vicinity of OEM-identified high stress nodes 2 and 12 (Photo 17). .For the intermediate case, the surface finish (ie.The CH149 MGB transmits the drive from the three engines to the main rotor, the tail rotor and the accessory gearbox.qete estimated that the final 120mm likely occurred within the final 10 hours of operation as the crack changed direction away from the flange and into the main body of the intermediate case.2.3.4 MGB Casting - Material Characterisation The intermediate case material is specified as a Class 10 aluminum sand casting A357.0 (MIL-A-21180). The FE was advised to clean the area of excess oil, top up the engine oil, conduct a ground run and check for leaks. .
Figure 1 CH149 MGB and rotor assembly. .