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Gross national product of the philippines 2000 to 2012

gross national product of the philippines 2000 to 2012

GDP of the United States (1 075.9 billion US dollars) in 145.1 times, GDP of Germany (215.0 billion US dollars).0 times, GDP of Japan (211.5 billion US dollars).5 times, GDP of the United Kingdom (130.7 billion US dollars).6 times.
Country United States 1 075.9 2 862.5 5 979.6 10 284.8 14 964.4 18 036.6 China.6 305.3 398.6 1 214.9 6 066.4 11 158.5 Japan 211.5 1 099.7 3 140.0 4 887.5 5 700.1 4 383.1 Germany 215.0 946.7 1 764.9 1 950.0.
GDP per capita in Indonesia (90.0 US dollars but was less than.How long does an average person need to work to buy a loaf of bread?Last, previous, min, max, unit, frequency, range 79,111.0 71,563.9 7,689.7 83,565.9.Does your production of hydroelectricity match your consumption?TOP stats: Violent crime Murder rate, Rape rate, Violent crime Murder rate per million people and 183 more, culture, tOP stats: Sexuality Homosexuality Legality of homosexual acts, Happy Planet Index, Food and drink Beer consumption and 67 more Disasters The tsunami rocked the civilized world.
Agriculture, statistics and graphs related to agriculture are x3 reunion cheat pack found here.

How about French and Spanish?US dollars GDP of Israel (299.4 bln.Want to compare the weapon holdings in North and South Korea?USD mn quarterly, mar 1981 - fifa world cup 2014 game Jun 2017, updated on Aug 2017.Updated on 2016 Imports: Medicament 199,898.48 175,591.38 1,820.16 199,898.48 USD th yearly Updated on 2017 Exports: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product 8,512.69 8,874.35 1,087.29 15,732.10 USD th yearly Updated on 2016 Imports: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product 112,770.67 83,004.60 5,270.03 112,770.67 USD th yearly Updated on 2017.With GDP per capita at the level of Palau (12 121.9 US dollars as the best neighbor, GDP of Philippines would be 1 220.7 billion US dollars, it is.2 times more than the actual level.Who has pledged the most money?Value of exports of goods and services less the.o.b.TOP stats: Air force Combat aircraft, Army Main battle tanks, Navy Corvette warships and 285 more People Facts relating to the actual life of people are found here.
Ceic converts quarterly Nominal GDP into USD.