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Medieval 2 total war force diplomacy

medieval 2 total war force diplomacy

Emissaries can trade ancillaries: Emissaries occupying the same tile can trade ancillaries (these are emissary specific ancillaries).
This is assuming the above recommendations are met:.e., blockades/sieges in place and field armies defeated.
If you have played RTW and its mods for over a decade without paying much attention to komplete 8 for mac diplomacy, dont feel bad.Another factor which might play a role; as it does in ME2; is your choice of action when capturing a new province.In Dominion of Men, the Authority of the faction leaders of several factions is influenced by your ratio of allies to enemies (at war).This proposed model is partially based on the better understood reputation model used by ME2, which is supposed to be closely, or directly, based on the RTW model, though with a much more helpful interface.Military access, given or received, seems to always cost money.Reputation seems to include three scales: one global, one faction specific and one alignment specific.If two of your allies attack each other, you will be forced to break one or other of the alliances, and this will damage your reputation.
Since you will no longer have to worry about offending the target faction, throwing in this item will add leverage at no cost to you; though, be sure you follow through with an attack if they still refuse.

Your reputation with them will be just as poor as when you were at war, so they will not be inclined to agree to diplomatic proposals favorable to you.For example: If Harad makes of Far Harad a protectorate while Harad was at peace with Khand, however, Far Harad had a preexisting alliance with Khand.Threaten to attack - Like all proposals, the AI assigns a monetary value to all aspects of any proposal.Allies are more practical as a deterrent.This mark ranges from positive at easiest campaign setting, to very pdf converter to excel portable negative at hardest campaign setting.A useful technique when fishing for a protectorate is to offer map information as a trade, rather than gift, leaving the 'demand' side blank, and see if the AI faction comes back with a request for a ceasefire.Elves and Dwarves also get an Authority bonus to new emissaries in many of their settlements.This is the AI testing you.There are some who suspect that trade rights, or perhaps trade itself, will have negative effects, though I am aware of no compelling evidence of this.
These two items will maximize your leverage in the negotiation and reduce the number of concessions; usually the return of provinces; that the target faction requests.
If you want to prevent a camp from disappearing, but do not want to, or cannot afford to, keep a military unit at the camp, an emissary will keep the camp maintained.