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Some may find it too cute but I think its okay.Titles: Alice Academy, Campus Alice, Description: In a small country school, Sakura Mikan and Imai Hotaru are classmates and best friends - in their own way.I found myself humming it well after watching the series.Manga..
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Poisoning pigeons in the park karaoke

poisoning pigeons in the park karaoke

It was this moment I thought of as I sat alone in my new.
That the CQC-6 knife (pictured) by Ernest Emerson was first developed for a US Navy seal Team, and went on to popularize the concept of the "tactical folding knife"?
That the album cover artwork of Behemoth 's Evangelion is doom 3 cd key code a depiction of " The Great Harlot of Babylon the figure of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible?That minimum orbit intersection distance is one of the measures used to determine if a near-Earth object, such as (4953) 1990 MU (orbit pictured), is a Potentially Hazardous Object?To find which archive contains the fact that appeared on Did You Know?, return to the article and click "What links here" to the left of the article.That the Niagara Engine House building is the only one of six engine company firehouses in Poughkeepsie, New York, still standing?That lacrosse coach "Father Bill" Schmeisser was known for carrying an umbrella on the sidelines regardless of the weather, reasoning that, "This way I know it won't rain"?That Edwin "Big Ed" Wilkes, a Lubbock, Texas, radio talk show host, and a colleague, Bud Andrews, produced the first albums of the country comedian Jerry Clower?The same excitement I felt when kitting out my spider-infested room in Thailand was somehow lost, and as I walked out of the shop empty handed, I felt something snap.That American football coach Wayne Howard retired from the University of Utah for "no real reason" after his team nearly won a conference title?That Lance Corporal William Windsor (pictured, on left) of The Royal Welsh, who retired on, is a Cashmere goat?That the song " Lo Mejor de Tu Vida " by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias held the record for biggest leap to number-one in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart for almost 20 years?Waiting for you my dear.She had been right.
That Chichester Castle was built in the Rape of Chichester in the 11th century?

That the plane of the ecliptic (effect pictured) is the imaginary plane of the Earth as it orbits the Sun?That Arkansas State Senator Kim Hendren authored a failed bill to require motorcyclists to wear helmets or offer proof of health insurance?That the French Breton-Pretot machine (pictured) was an armoured wire-cutting tractor developed in early 1915, and a predecessor to the tank?That Anshei Glen Wild Synagogue in Glen Wild, New York, is so small it has never had its own rabbi?Lady Gaga - Again And Again.That playwright Larry Kramer called Rodger McFarlane, the first paid executive director of the Gay Men's Health Crisis, someone who "did more for the gay world than any person has ever done"?I was alone in an empty room.It rips me up spits me out I'm messed up in this rut / Caught up in this system put down as another victim / My fingernails.That the Frisian kingdom came to an end after their king was killed in the Battle of the Boarn where they were defeated by the Frankish Empire?That Jampa Tsedroen, the monastic name of German Buddhist nun Carola Roloff, means "loving kindness" and "lamp of life" in Tibetan?That the Indian Fields Methodist Campground in South Carolina has been used for camp meetings and religious gatherings for over 160 years?