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Preventive maintenance program for motors

preventive maintenance program for motors

Of brush cross-sectional area.
Ball bearings are lubricated with.If the industrial preventive maintenance process is set up correctly, your updated PM avoids overlap in iosdor 2.4 g bluetooth datalink tasks and will be more cost effective: Figure.A fair operating condition.With a given value of current in the field circuit, the voltage drops on individual field coils should be approximately equal.A method of determining the normal insulation resistance value is given in the following formula.Preventive maintenance, most electrical equipment requires planned inspection and maintenance to keep it in proper working condition.However, the frequency of inspections and the degree of thoroughness may vary, as determined by the plant maintenance engineer.Oil seals at each bearing prevent oil leakage into the motor windings and out along the drive shaft.With a screwdriver, open the relief hole.The program must be effective and, at the same time, its cost must be kept to a practical minimum.(The rotor must be removed to make this test.) A test can be made which does not require the removal of the rotor to detect broken or open rotor bars.For large motors, bearing wear and the resulting deviation in concentricity of the stator and rotor can be detected by measuring the air gaps over several points around the periphery of the rotor.The electrician must be very careful when placing a new bearing on the shaft so that neither the bearing nor the shaft is damaged ( 8).

The motor is operating as a two-phase motor.New motors read around infinity (the highest rockalldll.dll age of mythology titans resistance on the meter scale or slightly lower, but, during use, this resistance lowers to a more steady reading.Any grease-removing solvents should be used in a well-ventilated work area.Check current input and compare it with normal.David Manney is a marketing administrator at L S Electric.Existing PMs are often done by each department in a plant, independent from each other.The electrician should begin an immediate check to localize the defective insulation.Pressure must not be applied to the outer race of the bearing.